An employee timesheet is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent working.

The employee timesheet can report total hours worked or time spent working on a specific task or job. Employee timesheets are primarily used for payroll. The hours worked provide a record for time to be paid. This enables a company to accurately track and pay hours worked according to applicable laws and regulations.


Features of Lindo Timesheet

  •  Entering the timesheet according to the each assigned tasks
  •  Adding Check in and Checkout time of each employee
  •  Timesheet approval/Rejection
  •  Project Manger manages all timesheets of employees
  •  Project Managers Timesheet is handled by the Admin
  •  Reports
  •  Manage Timesheets
  •  HR Management System
  •  Accounting and Finance Management
  •  Reporting System